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Massage services are priced based on 30 minute, 60 minute, 90 minute or 120 minute sessions.

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Swedish Massage

This relaxing massage is a service designed to relieve muscle tension, reduce stress, increase blood circulation while improving skin and muscle tone.

70.00 GHC 30 min
120.00 GHC 60 min

170.00 GHC 90 min
200.00 GHC 120 min

Deep Tissue Massage

A firm massage with lots of pressure geared towards enhancing the joints and muscles of athletes.

75.00 GHC 30 min
130.00 GHC 60 min

190.00 GHC 90 min
230.00 GHC 120 min
Thai Massage This oriental whole body work is a profound blend of rhythmic compression, massage, acupressure, and assisted yogic stretching. 

130.00 GHC 60 min

 Hot Stone Massage Let the heat from smooth stones deeply relax and warm up your tight muscles.

170.00 GHC 60 min

Signature Massage Enjoy a relaxing Swedish Massage with a combination of Hot Stone Massage on your back. Perfect to sooth aching areas.


160.00 GHC 60 min

Sports Massage A firm massage with lots of pressure geared towards enhancing the joints and muscles of athletes. 

130.00 GHC 60 min

Pregnancy Massage Recommended after the First Trimester of pregnancy. Relieves stress, promotes relaxation and prepares the muscles for childbirth. 

130.00 GHC 60 min

Herbal Massage An ultimate service with customized Ayurveda pure oil and pure herbs which calms the nervous system, nourishes and tones the tissues and balances the whole being.

150.00 GHC 60 min

200.00 GHC 90 min

Cellulite Massage A detailed massage designed to help break down cellulite. 

180.00 GHC 60 min

Couples Massage You, along with your partner, will experience the joy of relieving built-up tension and stress. Relax with your partner while you enjoy a full-body massage together in the same room. 

250.00 GHC 60 min

350.00 GHC 90 min

Foot Massage Enjoy an hour foot pampering. Your aching tired feet would be first soaked with aromatherapy to help release the stress then followed by foot massage and a shoulder rub 

50.00 GHC 30 min

80.00 GHC 60 min


The age-old science of foot manipulation that can help to deal with aches and pains throughout the body. It's therapeutic.

80.00 GHC 60 min

Chair Massage Chair massage is a popular way in which to offer massage therapy in a corporate and other business settings for groups. Clients remain fully clothed and treatment generally last from 10-30 minutes per person focusing on the back, neck, arms relieving general muscle tension. This massage rejuvenates and makes you more productive.

1.00 GHC per min at our facility
20.00 GHC 15 min
30.00 GHC 30 min
80.00 GHC 60 min

Mobile Massage 
(out calls)
An hour of relaxing massage at your hotel, office or home.  Distance for services is limited.

250.00 and above GHC 60 min

Ionic Foot Detoxify The Ionic Foot Detoxify System improves the micro circulation of the blood and helps to re-balance the bodies electrical system.

55.00 GHC 30 min

Aching Feet Treatment Relax while your feet are soaked in an aromatherapy softening bath, followed by exfoliation, foot massage and a foot paraffin treatment, leaving your feet pain-free, relaxed, soft and glowing.

85.00 GHC 60 min

Foot Polish Change
10.00 GHC
Free Foot Soak
0.00 GHC

Classique Facial A facial treatment that instantly improves the skin by restoring a healthy cell renewal cycle.  Allows your skin to exhale and reveal a luminous complexion.   

160.00 GHC

Eye Brow Tint
20.00 GHC
Signature Facial A complete and personalized deep pore cleansing and restoring facial that you will ever experience. With anti-inflammatory plant and flower extracts that will leave your skin re-enlivened.

200.00 GHC

European Facial This treatment consists of a relaxing facial with steam vapor, gentle cleansing, exfoliation and extractions.  A skin-specific mask application is followed by toning and moisture protection.  Includes face, neck and scalp massage.

185.00 GHC

Mini Facial A 30-minute facial that is perfect for quick rejuvenation.  

90.00 GHC

Teen Facial This relaxing, beneficial treatment promotes early habits for great skincare.

70.00 GHC

Back Facial Enjoy this back facial which comforts, cleanses, exfoliates and hydrates the skin.

75.00 GHC 30 min

Deluxe Back Facial Massage A relaxing back treatment which includes massage, preceded by a complete cleaning exfoliating and masking of the back. 

150.00 GHC 60 min




Manicure & Pedicure  Pedicure 35.00+ GHC    Pedicure  40.00 GHC
 Manicure 25.00+ GHC    Manicure 20.00 GHC
 Polish Change    15.00 GHC    
 Hand Paraffin    10.00 GHC    
 Feet Paraffin    15.00 GHC    
 Gel Nail Polish    40.00 GHC    
 Gel Polish Removal   15.00 GHC  





Waxing (Hair Removal)

 Bikini 45.00 GHC    Bikini 75.00 GHC
 Brazilian  70.00 GHC    Face 40.00 GHC
 Full Arm  50.00 GHC    Chest  65.00 GHC
 Full Leg  80.00 GHC    Back  70.00 GHC
 Half Arm  25.00 GHC    Beard  45.00 GHC
 Half Leg  40.00 GHC    Full Hands  35.00 GHC
 Armpit  20.00 GHC    
 Chin 10.00 GHC    
 Eye Brow  10.00 GHC
 Facial 40.00 GHC    
 Lip Wax  15.00 GHC    

Prices of services and products are subject to change without notice.

Benefits of Massage
Decrease Anxiety  *  Enhance Sleep Quality
Greater Energy  *  Improve Concentration
Increase Circulation  *  Reduce Fatigue

>> learn more about Massage Therapy Service benefits

Massage ServicesMassage Services

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Ionic Foot

ionic foot detoxify in use

The Ionic Foot Spa Detoxify uses a state-of-the-art, digital, computerized ionic foot-bath spa treatment that creates a stimulating and relaxing experience while drawing harmful toxins from the body.

See the effects
in 30 minutes

Heavy Metals Removal
Increased Energy
Faster Disease  Recovery
Pain Relief, Improved Sleep
Reduced Fluid Retention
Headache Relief
Boosts Immune System
and much more
reported by users

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