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bath salts, bath oils, body lotions, body oils, body scrubs, imported guest soaps

A warm bath with calming fragrances and candles is exactly what you need to unwind or set the mood for a romantic evening.  Creating your own in-home spa with these relaxing bath accents is sure to help soak away all your cares.

Sugar Body Scrubs

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Salt Body Scrubs

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Aromatherapy Bath Salts

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Hydrotherapy Body Relaxers

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Body Lotion and Body Oil

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Since 1910, Dresdner has been producing a range of outstanding bath and personal care products that combine pure essential oils with other nurturing ingredients. Guided by the principles of aromatherapy, their Traditional line presents luxurious bath powders and liquids, massage oils, sauna oils and shower gels with abundant amounts of these nourishing, aromatic ingredients

ABRA Therapeutics is dedicated to growing, harvesting and understanding the healing properties of plants. Their herbalists start with certified organic herbs, produce their own extracts and blend with therapeutic levels of the key ingredients, all of which come from ethically harvested, renewable sources.

This natural spa collection employs the principles of aromatherapy to cleanse, moisturize, restore and refresh. Aromas include Extra Dark Chocolate to restore, Mint to refresh and firm, Ginger to balance, Raw Sugar to moisturize and Ylang Ylang to stimulate, all carefully crafted to help keep body and soul in harmony.

Bath & Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Guest Soaps

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Imported Guest Soaps

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Imported Guest Soaps

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Quad milled soaps in gift boxes perfect for personal gifts that everyone can use and enjoy. Add a touch of elegance to your guest bath rooms.

Heart Shape soaps in gift boxes perfect for gifts. What could be more thoughtful than heart-shaped soaps in soft pastels, gently scented with camellia or tea rose scents.

Enjoy the Beauty of Provence. Pamper yourself with Pre De Provence bath and body care products made from the purest vegetable oils, rich shea butter and other natural ingredients

Body Wash & Shower Gel
Bath Towels

Bath & Hand Towels
Bath & Hand Towels

Bath & Hand Towels

Scented and Unscented Massage Oils

Aromatherapy Massage Oil Kits

Oils and lotions available scented and unscented.

Jojoba Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, 
Lavender Oil, Peppermint Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, HMR Lavender Oil, HMR Muscle Relaxer, HMR Strawberry Oil, Spa Redi Lavender, Spa Redi Rose, Spa Redi Mint, and more

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